Fostering positive teacher working conditions is not only important for strengthening the well-being of teachers, but it is essential for promoting an equitable, high-quality education for all students.

— 2023 South Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey report

Exploring the Survey and Toolkit

Figure 1. Interplay between practice and policy

Toolkit Cycle

This toolkit is structured in a way that can move your team quickly from analysis to action. In it, you will focus primarily on microactions that, when consistently applied, are likely to have a macro effect. Your team is encouraged to align these efforts with ongoing continuous improvement efforts. Our purpose with this toolkit is NOT to add another thing to your plate but rather to integrate these efforts with strategies that are already in motion.

You are strongly encouraged to engage with this toolkit with a team of educators who bring diverse perspectives and insights about working conditions. Engaging a team from the start of this work will build collective ownership which is more likely to result in collective impact.

It is important to note that the SCTWCS is not designed as an evaluative tool either for schools or for individuals who teach and lead within them. We therefore work with several partners to support schools and districts in using these data for improvement purposes to help support you in using the data in the ways that lead to the greatest fidelity and impact.

As your team uses this toolkit, you will work through the following cycle:

These icons illustrate the cycle of acting and collaborating on SCTWCS data. Icons appear throughout this toolkit to signal which part of the cycle is the focus of the tool(s) and content on that page.